Bar stools and counter stools – which is for you?

Either of these two types of stools can liven up your living room or the party room and help people make themselves comfortable at drinks, gatherings or parties. Bar stools could often be about 2- 3 feet high and come in two varieties, the backless model and the one with a small sofa like back support. The stylish stools with just one rod and a base and the swivel stools add a touch of fashion and trendiness to the room as well.

Bar stools are perfect for people who often host evening drinks parties with some music and dance. Measuring 25 – 30 inches from the floor, counter stools are very trendy, comfortable and light which enables them to be moved around to the front deck, patio, balconies or to the terrace. One can use counter stools for evening game of cards and scrabble or for a coffee chat with friends.

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