Attractive Handrail Brackets for Stairs

Handrail brackets are often manufactured to support as much as 250 pounds along the railing of the stairs. These could not only be for support but also add a lot to the look if the room especially when the stairs are in the living room. These handrail brackets are fastened at the end with screws and the tubes are fixed to provide sturdiness to the handrails.

They could be made of iron or of wood depending on the overall interior look of the room. They become all the more important for spiral staircases, where they are used a lot more than straight flight of stairs. Polished chrome and brass or aluminium handrails are also increasingly being used to. While some have a smooth polished finish, especially the wooden ones the steel ones have a grained touch to ensure sweaty fingers don’t slip on them. Floral designs, ivy leaves or metal rods are common patterns used in these handrails.

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