Antique Roman furniture

Roman furniture is made mainly from cedar wood. It is veneered with ebony, box, Syrian terebinth, maple, olive, ash, elm and cherry. In addition ivory, tortoise shell and horn are used in the decorative inlays. Roman couches are covered with curtains and tilts. This was done to enable them to be carried by salves as litters. Other roman furniture includes curule chair, foot stools, scamnum, the cathedra, a solium. A solium was a special chair that was used by the house ruler.

Roman furniture has a romantic feel to it. It has clan and beautiful architecture. In addition Roman antique furniture gives any household step back into time during this magical era. The roman appreciated nature. You can place some urns in your living room with crawling vines. In addition, you can place a roman goddess statue in the mix. You can place paintings of ancient Rome in the walls to give it an authentic feel to it.

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