All you need to know about stair handrail parts

The handrail has various parts and whether a handrail is made of iron balusters or exotic wooden fittings, these parts need to be well designed and sturdy to support the weight. The most important parts are the volutes, the right hand and the left hand ones, which usually involve some craftsmanship and open the staircase to the guests with their S shaped curves.

The level quarter turn and the S curve are also used for staircases which are bending at some degree towards a particular direction. The tandem cap is used to connect two handrails at a newel junction. The 135 degree level turn fitting is used mostly in balconies etc. or someplace where the handrails open out to. The upeasing and overeasing parts of the handrail are helpful in making a transition from an angled handrail to a vertical handrail or in other words they take a stair and direct it upwards.

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