All About Tablescapes

There are a lot of options for home decor these days and choosing from these vast choices can be a hectic job at times. However, there is a way to avoid all that stress while decorating a home. One can use tablescaping to create a new look and feel in the home decor. It is a new term for a more elegant table setting. It not only involves the centrepiece but also the accessories like plates and other dishes that are a part of the table setting.

It must be kept in mind that tablescaping is not only about the dining space; it can also be applied to other tables of the house like coffee tables, night stands and side tables. The easiest way to create an effective tablescape is to go for a theme. The themes are the common ones like holidays, birthdays, floral and animal themes. Even small potted cacti on the side table can help in getting a rustic look.

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