A Small Library for Your House!!

Library for Your HouseHaving a library at home can be an ideal dream of most people who love reading books. Having a small place where you can sit, read and relax is something that you must have thought for years. But having an entire room devoted just to books can be a difficult task. For taking a first step you can think of having a library nook. If there is some corner or a wall with a small window then you can have your library nook.

You should look around your house and make a note of all the possible places that you can have a home library. A good double window can be used to make a window seat or any unused corner can be a perfect place. Discuss with your partner can keep all your resources pooled fro the remodeling.

Once you are done with deciding the place for the library, the next task is to take the measurement of the place and start planning or framing a rough idea of how it is going to be. The height of the shelf is a must and should be decided beforehand. You must also keep this in mind that you might have taller books in future, so the height must be set accordingly. But also make sure that all your shelves are of equal height so that they maintain a consistency and look quite organized.

The best part about the remodeling is that all the materials need not be of a very high quality. You can spend a major chunk of your budget in trimming and molding work. You can also use premium woods such as mahogany and cherry for the bookcases. You must save money for the small add on to your library nook. You can also think about a nice table and a lamp for your study area.

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