5 tips to maintain your wooden flooring

wooden flooringYour wooden flooring is the sheen of your home, echoing the magnificent classy taste of the homeowner. However, the wooden floorings are little sensitive and demand good maintenance. There are several considerations to mind when it comes to wooden floor care.

Daily cleaning

You must clean up your wooden floor everyday. The wood surface is prone to scratches easily and the regular dirt-dust deposition on the floor can lead to an unsightly scratched surface if not cleaned timely. Use a broom with soft bristle to ensure a gentle sweep on the floor. Vacuuming, at least once or twice a week, is vital as well to scoop out the dirt from the farthest corner of your floor. Make sure to vacuum with a brush attachment. Never wear shoes on the wooden floor as the dirt & dust from beneath the shoes will affect the wooden surface.

Avoid water

You must avoid water on your wooden flooring as water is harmful for the longevity of the wood. So, do not delay to wipe off any spill on the flooring and even if you mop, make sure to dry it up faster. Given the sensitive nature of wooden surface, it’s advised that you use special hardwood compatible cleaners only.

Avoid sunlight

It may look wonderful to experience warm sunlight filling your room promising a bright sunny day but the situation won’t be that vibrant if you have got wooden floor. Sunrays are harsh for a wooden surface and hence you have to avoid letting the sunbeam touch your floor. Get shear curtains on your windows so that the rays do not fall directly on your floor & you are not deprived of the light as well.

Be careful with the furniture

When it comes to wooden flooring you have to be really careful with the furniture selection and placement. In regards o furniture selection, you cannot buy anything running on wheels- wheels running on your wooden floor would result in the most unwanted unsightly scratches. Then, in regards to furniture placement, you have to get felt pads underneath the heavy furniture stands so that these do not fall heavily on the floor- to avoid dents and cracks. Try to get light furnishing for the room with wooden flooring.

Timely polish

The wooden flooring is greatly revered for its glossy sheen but the luster tends to fade away with time. Hence it’s necessary that you take to a timely polish annually to restore the fading glam quotient of the floor forever.

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