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Tips To Clean Your Basement Floor

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Cleaning basementYour basement is by far the dirtiest part of your home. We usually clean out all the parts of our home but always miss out basement. Even when you look at the floor of the basement as compared to floors of other rooms, basement floor would be very dirty and as it is very dirty you don’t even like to clean it. But this is not the solution. You must become proactive and clean your basement floor. Basement becomes like store house or more like dumping part of the house and hence its floor is also dirtier and hence cleaning your basement floor becomes a bit difficult. If you follow the right tips and work efficient you will be able to clean your basement floor. Here are some of the tips which would help to clean your basement floor.

  • Scrub basement floor with cleaning solution

If your basement floor is very dirty then cleaning your basement flooring by mopping is not an appropriate solution. You need to clean your basement floor with scrub and cleaning solution. You can make cleaning solution for cleaning your basement floor by adding detergent and a cup of ammonia in a bucket filled with warm water. Now for cleaning your basement floor, spread this solution over the floor of your basement and scrub the surface of your floor with a stiff and hard nylon brush. If there is really some stubborn dirt then for cleaning your basement floor with stubborn dirt you need to add some trisodium phosphate to your cleaning solution. You can get trisodium phosphate at any of the hardware phosphate. Rinse the floor with plane water and then let it dry. Make use of a shop vacuum to remove the excess water from the floor. By applying this method you will be able to clean your basement floor efficiently.

  • Use bleach

For cleaning your basement floor, you can take into use bleach. When mildew prevails in the basement for a long period of time then even after cleaning it leaves a musty and unpleasant smell in the basement. For getting rid of this unpleasant smell, you can make use of bleach and clean your basement floor with bleach. Open each and every window of the basement, also switch on all the fans so that stale gets out of your basement and fresh smell gets in the basement. You can also install a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture and clean your basement floor in the perfect manner.

  • Clean your basement floor with bleaching powder

One of the easiest solution to clean your basement floor is to use bleaching powder. By using bleaching powder you will be able to get rid of the bad smell and also dirty stains. Sprinkle the bleaching powder on the floor and let it be there for few minutes let the floor soak the solution and kill all the bugs and microorganisms. After that mop the floor with plane and clean water and let it dry.