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Maintenance of the exterior walls of your home

Friday, June 28th, 2013

home improvement, home careMaintenance of the exterior walls of your home is very essential since the exterior walls are subjected to extreme weather conditions including heavy storm, rain, dust, etc. So the exterior walls are much more prone to develop cracks and damages. If proper care is not taken, then the water may seep in through these cracks weakening the internal binding of the walls resulting in collapse of the walls.

You should take much care of the exterior walls right from the time of construction of the house. Many modern technologies have come up that can increase the longevity of the house and make it much more durable. You should appoint an expert when to achieve the best performance.

Also care should be taken while choosing the paints for the exterior walls since the inferior quality paints are not much resistant against corrosion. Modern paints are corrosion resistant and thus are much less affected by the extreme weather conditions. Also as soon as you spot any cracks on the outer walls, you should take immediate steps to repair them so that serious problems don’t crop up.

Tips to conserve electricity at home

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Home energy, home improvementThe environmentalists today are constantly emphasizing on taking to green lifestyle. Energy conservation is one of the most effective means to start off green living. Here is a brief on how to conserve electricity at home.

Make sure to switch off the lights and fans while getting out from the home. Almost everyday people waste a huge lot of energy being forgetful. Then, it’s better if you can keep the lights off at daytime- wide open your windows and let natural sunlight brighten up your room. Another important tip is to switch to CFLs rather than incandescent lights as the former is an eco-friendly option.

You should also be careful with your electronic appliances. Cut down on the habit of running computers all through the day even when you need to use it in intervals. Finally, it would be grand if you can install solar panels at home to capture the solar energy. Solar energy is renewable and thus eco-friendly.

Decorating your kid’s room

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

kid’s roomDecorating your kid’s room is a very essential thing that you should consider very carefully. There are many decorating options for your kid’s room. You should do a well research on the decoration to be used for your kid’s room. Normally your kid stays in his room for most of the time. So the kid’s room should be designed properly.

You can use various themes for your kid’s room décor like fairy tale theme, jungle book theme, superhero theme, etc. Starting from the paint to be used in the wall to the furniture, everything should be inspired by the theme chosen. Various paint companies now offer various painting schemes depending on your chosen theme.

You can even go for various designer wall papers for your kid’s room décor. This will enable you to change the décor frequently since peeling off the old one and using a new wallpaper is not a very difficult thing.

How to keep your swimming pool clean & sparkling

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

swimming pool cleanYour swimming pool is certainly the pride of your backyard. Thus you must make sure to clean it up and maintain it properly so that the pool stays sparkling and welcoming all the time. Here are some tips to take care of for a healthy swimming pool.

First of all, you have to vacuum the pool every week. Weekly vacuuming will keep the pool free from dirt, scum & algae which can settle down in its walls, corners & floors over time. It would also prevent the unwanted slimy feel in your pool which is one of the major reasons behind the pool accidents. Using chlorine is a must in swimming pools to disinfectant the water. However, you must be careful about the needed chlorine content in your pool as too much of chlorine is harmful for the swimmers.

Then, you must keep a check on the filter system of your pool to ensure its working properly. Finally, get a professional cleaning once in a year.

Life Equity Release – the preferred way of mortgage

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

mortgageThe process of life equity release is a smart way to enjoy life post retirement for cash-short but house-rich people. Equity release (as life equity release is commonly known as) is much like usual mortgage loans where you will get loans against the home & have the liberty to get back the home after repayment anytime. But the main difference between equity release and general mortgage is that in the former case you might not chose to repay your loan ever. Your property will stay under your ownership till your last day and would only go to your beneficiary when you leave for your heavenly abode. There are various equity release schemes today of which the most popular is lifetime mortgage.

Lifetime home mortgage would allow you to relish tax relieved lump sum payment at fixed rate of interest that would be paid monthly or annually. There are two major forms of lifetime mortgages namely standard and drawdown. In case of the standard option you would be getting tax-free lumpsum cash for your considerable expenses like funding college fees for your grandchild or to repay the accumulated debts. When it comes to the drawdown scheme, there is no lumpsum cash upfront and here you can take the mortgage loan in stages. The standard option is always more expensive than the drawdown option.

However, in both the cases you will have 100 percent property ownership and the repayment is made only when the property will be sold, when the owner enters long-term senior care or dies. The lifetime mortgage scheme is available to people within 55 to 95 years of age in UK. The loan amount depends on your property value and you would benefit from any enhancement in the property value over the years. Besides, lifetime mortgage schemes come with partial inheritance-protection guarantee on a part of the property.

Are looking for the perfect wall décor?

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

perfect wall décorThe beauty of your home depends a lot on the type of wall décor you have used. So while selecting the décor for your wall, you should be very careful. If you want a royal, classy look, you can go for sculptures on your wall. The sculptures based on either terracotta or stone or any other suitable material will add a new dimension to the beauty of your home. You can select scenes from mythology, figure of some eminent personality or any random scene as the subject of the wall sculpture.

You can also go for designer glass paintings or paintings by famous artists as wall décor to decorate your room. The color shade of the walls should also be in compliance with the décor. You can also take help of some professional interior designer for tips on the perfect wall décor for your home. For classy and attractive paintings you can search in the studios and the art galleries.