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Designing your home bars

Friday, May 31st, 2013

home bar, home decorGetting your own home bar is an amazing idea if you desire to give a lavish and extravagant touch to your home. These kinds of bars are perfect for sparking up any party at your house or having a casual drink with your partner or friends.

Before you start with the construction, make sure to have a planning first. Your planning should include construction and designing of the bar top, the accessories, furniture and the lighting. The lighting of the bar should be dim yet bright. Accessories and furniture of the bar must include glassware and bar tools respectively. As far as the designing goes, you can get a wide range to suit the décor of your house. From modern, contemporary to elegant and sophisticated- there are plenty of designing ideas to choose from.

You can save all this work and go for a modular bar according to the space and shape you have designated for your home bar.

Keeping Your House Storm-Proof

Monday, May 6th, 2013

home security, home improvementNo matter in what part of the world you are living, with Mother Nature’s anger and unpredictable ways, you never know when a storm strikes. Thus, it is necessary to keep in mind this factor while constructing your home.
To protect your home you need to give special attention to 3 most important parts:
• Doors
• Window
• Roof

There are a number of technologies available to protect your home from howling winds during a storm. First thing to know is what kind of roof your home has. If it has a gabbled roof then there are chances to have damages from fast flowing wind.

Install storm proof shutters for both doors and windows. This is the most efficient way you can protect your home. Most doors cannot withstand the force of wind. You need to provide stronger hinges to your door so that it stays fixed against the force of fast blowing winds. With these little efforts, you can protect your house a little, if not completely.

Things To Do Before Evacuating Your House

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

evacuate houseWith storm season coming in an emergency can occur at any time. This may result in you having to evacuate your home along with your family. There can be some useful things that you can do along the way if afforded ample time. Make sure to stockpile on food, potable water and meds before going out of the home. Food here means stocking up on granola bars and protein bars which are easy to carry and nutritious too. Keeping backpacks ready at one part of the home to take up before evacuation when presuming you might have to evacuate for an emergency is smart thinking. Among the personal supplies you must keep a survival blanket, a flashlight, a radio and some extra cash.

If provided with ample time any small pets kept in an enclosure can be provided with provisions and the home can also be boarded up to protect it from damages.

Automatic Garage Door Technology

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Automatic Garage DoorAutomatic garage doors are the latest technology in home designing industry. If you are a person who finds pulling down garage doors irritating then it is made for you. The latest technology comes in with a great amount of advantages. Here the list of advantages that you can get by installing this automatic garage door.

  • First of the advantage is that you need not to flex your muscles in pulling the garage doors down.
  • If you have a costly vehicle in the garage then this is one of the essential things to have. The automatic doors comes in with a built in security system that helps you keep your car safe from any sort of theft.
  • Apart from just being a door it is built in functions that you may like. It makes your experience even better.
  • It would be a great experience in driving through the driveway and watching your garage door open for you to enter in.

So go ahead and buy this latest technology for your garage.