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Redesigning Your Pantry

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Pantry design, kitchen decorThe pantry is an essential part of the kitchen. Remodeling your pantry is among the top notch things to do. If granted the space go for a walk in pantry. If the only space available is a cupboard then make use of shelves intricately designed and customized for your pantry requirements.

The pantry needs to have tip in bins closest to the floor to hold a large quantity of some common items like flour, sugar and rice. The other bins to store ingredients should be contained in air tight transparent bins just to keep the food material good. The shelves should contain adequate space for canned items and also have provision for storing those long necked bottles containing vinegar and oils. When using a pantry care should be taken to keep similar items nearby. The pantry obviously should also be well lit up. The shelves should be easy to access and not require ladders for support.

Flower vases and their different styles

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Flower vasesFlower vases have become prop to be used in the interior of decoration of the house. The flower vases are available in various designs and style. The design of the vase may be inspired by some special sort of art, culture and tradition. In some case the design depends upon the artist as well as there are many vases which have no special design. They just are of random design and style.

If you are looking for some specially designed flower vase, you have look in to the studio of renowned artists. You may get many vases which are just one of the types. You will not get any other vase of the same design. Such vase may cost you a huge amount. If you have a constrained budget, look for the general type one.

The color style and the pattern must depend on the interior of your room and the place where you will be keeping it. While a heavily designed and big flower vase is best for keeping in a shelf at the corner of the room. The small, sleek flower vases should be better for keeping by the bedside.

Decorating your home for a wedding reception party

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

home wedding reception partyIt is great idea to put up a reception at your home. Although it is stressful, still it is worth and saves up a lot of your money.

The first thing you have to keep in your mind is to make ample space for the ceremony. In order to create space, remove all the furniture and stuffs not required for the reception. Then, start dusting and cleaning up your home. Do not forget to clean the bathrooms and maintain hygiene. Next, put up the stage for the reception. This area would take up the maximum space. You can decorate the space using candles, chandeliers, lights, etc. Make some seating arrangement for your guests. After that, make space for the area to keep and serve food. This area will require buffet tables to keep food and utensils. You can keep baskets and soap for the ease of your guests.

Are you looking for inexpensive yet pleasant wall décor ideas?

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Wall decor, home decorWall décor does not have to expensive to create the desired pleasant appeal. There are some easy and inexpensive ways on how you can deck up your wall beautifully without spending a fortune. The first option is photographs. If you have got some of your favorite photos framed, you can make collage with them on the walls. For the unframed photographs, get a bulletin board and pin them up nicely so that your memorable captures are always before you reminding of the wonderful times of the by gone days.

You can also pin up interesting paper cuttings or posters on your walls. Do you have an eye for art but the original paintings are too costly for you? Well you will get faux paintings today which come at inexpensive rates and look almost as beautiful as the original ones.

Hang up a decorative mirror. It’s especially beneficial for small rooms since mirrors create a spacious effect for your room and also serve as a fine art piece for the walls.