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Decorating The Bedroom Of Kids

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Kids room decor, home decorAfter the monotonous and suffocating classroom that your kids study in, the bedroom finally makes them settle down. It is obviously the most soothing chamber of your house where they get indulged in the pleasures of rest solace. The bosom of mattress seems the very heaven that quenches some unfulfilled desire for privacy and affection. And the rooms ask nothing in return except for a minimum and reasonable amount of maintenance and decoration. It automatically creeps in mind how to decorate the surrounding that would suit to the customized tastes. As a normal human being would spend more than 10 hours a day here, it becomes crucial to consider the size of the bed. It is directly proportional to the size of the room. It is important to keep it roomy to add more space to your living area and of course the life. Low power bulbs ignite the darkness of nights.

Ceiling décor for your kid’s room

Friday, January 25th, 2013

ceiling decor, home decor, kid;s room decorA Child’s room is the most important room in the house because the parents pour their heart and soul in designing it. A kid’s room should be comfortable, welcoming, playful and inspiring.

Most of the time a kid stares at the ceiling, so make sure you have a lot of thought about what to do for the ceiling of the kid’s room. While choosing ceiling décor keep in mind the sex of the child. Use wall posters of cartoon characters, superheroes, fairies, cars etc. to decorate the ceiling. Another important ceiling décor would be hanging lights which come in all shapes and colors.

Use multi-colored lights or a night light for your kid’s room. Design the ceiling with moons, stars, sun, flowers, trees etc. Use glowing artifacts or interesting colors as they are really liked and appreciated by kids. This is way to make the ceilings of your child’s room attractive and pleasant as he/she spends most of their time there.

How to restore antique floors

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Floor maintenance, flooringIf you have an old home and you have antique flooring on it, then it’s but natural that with time, like everything else, the floor would age as well. It would need repairing. If you want to restore the quality and beauty and the aesthetic value of the flooring, then you must start the repairing and restoration work as soon as you see damage. If you have wooden floors, you should check where the damage is and change the plank if necessary. Strip the wax first and get rid of splinters before you start. Fill in gaps with small pieces of timber of the same type and wax the area for a smooth finish.

If you have marble floors, perhaps you can change the slab. You can put in extra polish on it after the repair work is done. Floor wax works fine on such surfaces. With the new shine and newly repair work, your antique floor will look as good as new.

Things to know about French patio doors

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

 French patio doors, home decorIf you are remodeling your house and want your patio to look aesthetically pleasing without straining your pocket, then you are looking for French Patio Doors. These doors can be a visual delight adding to the look of your house, they allow the interiors a natural flow of light giving it a wonderful ambience altogether. They create an airy and open feel and add to the space of the house. You can opt for one doored or double doored ones, side hinged or slider ones as per your requirements and space.

Perhaps the foremost thing that you need to decide is to go for a single or a double door. While the single ones take up a lot less room than the double ones, while double doors help in maximizing the space. Again, slider double doors are great in minimizing the usage of space and simultaneously give a spacious appearance as they look like double doors.

Tips to fix a broken sink

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Repair broken sink, kitchen careYou must learn to fix a broken sink otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money every time you find some leakage or broken area in your sink. It is not very difficult to fix the broken sink. Once you find any type of leakage in the sink try using some sort of adhesive to seal the leakage part. This will prevent any seepage of water. There are many type of adhesives are available in the hardware stores. You just need to go and select the perfect type of adhesives to fulfill your purpose. On mixing the adhesives at the right proportion, you need to seal the leakage with the adhesives.
If there is any sort of damage on the sink, you can also fix it up by applying cement on the damaged parts. This will seal the damaged part of the sink. Also there are certain tapes available in the market which when applied on the damaged part can cause the sink to function properly.

Picking wall tiles for your kitchen

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

wall tiles, kitchen tilesWant to give your kitchen a whole new look? If so changing your wall tiles can change the look drastically. Besides making your kitchen beautiful, by fitting tiles in your kitchen walls you can also prevent the wall from getting food stains. You can use light color tiles for your kitchen walls if you want a nice elegant feel. Use shaded tiles for your kitchen walls for a unique feel. For a more dramatic feel, you can opt for dark tiles. This even will keep stains away since light colored tiles are more prone to getting stained.

Now for choices of wall tiles, either you can look in your local stores or check out online. You Thus picking wall tile for your kitchen is the best method to make the kitchen look better as well as to prevent the wall from getting stained.

Keeping your chimney clean

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Chimney cleaning tips, chimney maintenanceThe chimneys are of immense importance in your kitchen. Due to continuous cooking in the kitchen, a thick black decomposition of soot occurs on the wall thereby leading to the damage of the walls. Also the smoke during cooking spread in the house and make the environment very uncomfortable.

To prevent this you can install the chimney in your kitchen. The chimneys are fitted with very powerful exhaust fans. They absorb all the smoke and exhaust them out of the kitchen. Also the carbon particles deposit in the filter of the chimney. To keep the operation of the chimney active, you must clean the chimney regularly. Most chimneys come with such infrastructure that the filters can be disassembled and cleaned.

You can use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth to clean the filters. Make sure that you clean it quite carefully as damage of any sort can prove to be detrimental to the chimney. Also remove the oil that deposits in the chimney so that the chimney can deliver its best.