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Picking bespoke curtains

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

bespoke curtains, curtainsThe curtains of a house play a very important role. They silently add a lot to the decorative appeal of the house. Therefore, the right choice of curtains is very important so that you can have a complete décor for your house. There are a lot of choices to go for when it comes to curtains and one of the best options are the bespoke curtains. You will be able to get a very stylish and trendy décor with these curtains.

Apart from that, there is a huge range of options when it comes to the different colors, designs, textures and patterns on the bespoke curtains. Therefore, finding a curtain that would be able to compliment the rest of the décor of your house is not a very big problem. If you still have problems getting the right curtain in spite of so many options, you will be happy to know that you can get your designs custom built as well.

Installing a light bulb yourself

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

install light bulbs, DIY tipsFirst, you need to see the fixture where you want to set the light. After going through that, you should get a light bulb of a proper wattage so that it goes well with that. Then you should make sure to turn off the switch so that you do not get any kind of the shock. If you have a bulb previously set for that fixture then let it get cool for 45 minutes, then you should start using it. While placing it make sure that you do not press it tightly because the chance of breaking the fixtures might increase.

Now after doing all these, turn on the light to see that whether it is working properly or not. If not then you should definitely visit the shop and get another one. Until you finish up with all these, do not ever try to put the switch on.

Cleaning Shower Drains

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Tips to maintain Shower Drains, bathroom careKeeping your bathroom neat and clean and fresh at all times should be the priority of bathroom maintenance. Keeping the bathroom dry and clean is something which could take some extra effort as, after all, a bathroom will have a lot of moisture almost at all times. Cleaning out the bathroom drain is something which might need a little time as shower drains tend to get clogged every easily. When you clean your shower drain, you first need to unclog it. Wear a long sleeved cleaning rubber glove and remove the mesh at first.

Then put your arm in and physically remove any foreign material stuck in the pipeline as far as you can reach. Then take a clog cleaner pump and pull out any residual dirt or grime. Then clean out the drain finally, first with water. You can put in natural, eco friendly drain cleaners. After washing that off, put a small amount of bleach inside and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with water.

An account on cleaning your silverware

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

home care, silverware maintenanceSilver is a metal that is soft and it is important that you treat it well. it is important that the water you use for cleaning up your silverware is cool. It is also important that you remember not leave the silverware to dry after cleaning it.

You have to wipe them with a very soft piece of cloth. The handles of the cutlery can get damaged if you keep it exposed to heat. Therefore, it is advised that you keep it at a place that is cool and dry. You should also make sure that the silverware are not left in water as it may damage the material beyond repair. If you see some obstinate dirt on the silverware, you may use toothpaste for taking care of the problem. These are some of the things that you have to take care of when it comes to cleaning up your silverware.

How to install wood burning stove?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

wood burning stove, stovesIf you want to control the heating cost in your home, then installing a wood burning stove is a very good option. You might think that installing a wood burning stove requires professional aid but the truth is otherwise. Here are a few steps that will help you to install the wood burning stove at your place.

Firstly, you will have to choose a suitable location. A central location in the ground floor is the ideal place. It will make circulation of heat a lot easier. The location you opt for must allow you to load the wood and clean the ash. Secondly, non combustible surroundings will have to be ensured. A wood burning stove can get pretty hot and you will have to ensure that it does not burn down your home. The stove should be placed 75 centimeters away from combustible walls and 25 centimeters away from non combustible walls. Lastly, you will have to install the chimney.

Staircase carpeting: DIY tips

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Stair designs, stairsStaircase carpeting is an easy way to protect the beautiful stair from getting worn out over years of use. Installing carpets on a staircase can be done in two ways, the waterfall method and the cap and band method. Both are DIY projects and here are some important tips given for you to carry out the job without much ado.

• Get all the necessary tools from a hardware store. Tack strips, upholstery nails, hammer, knee kicker, measuring tape and stair tools are must haves.
• Take measurements along the tread.
• Engage the tack strip at the stair crotch and put pressure on the knee kicker to get the carpet pad in place.
• Check if the carpet is smoothed out after each tread and pin it to the riser using the hammer and nails.
• Utility knives or carpet knives are important tools in order to trim the carpet ends.
• Use safety glasses to avoid any accident.

How to incorporate Feng Shui in your home décor

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Feng Shui ideas, home decorIncorporating Feng Shui in your home décor can be a good idea if you want to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony for your home. If you are thinking of incorporating Feng Shui for your home then here are a few ideas:

• The first step towards incorporating Feng Shui is to clean up your home and make it clutter free. It symbolizes getting rid of old energy and creating space for new.

• Make sure that your house has loads of windows positioned in a way that they allow plenty of fresh air to flow in at all times.

• The same applies for natural light. In short your house needs to be airy and bright for proper Feng Shui energy to work.

• Get hold of a map of your house and decide on what colors to go for, for each room. Feng Shui suggests a certain set of colors for your study, drawing room and for your bedroom depending on their utilization.

Fireplace Mantle Decoration Tips

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Fireplace Mantle Decoration, fireplace decorWhen it comes to home décor there are a lot of options which you have. If you have a fireplace then you can decorate the mantle in a very tasteful manner to make but it the central point of attraction of the room. Decorating a mantelpiece might need a bit of pre-planning as the area has to match the surroundings and enhance the beauty of the room. You can but some herbal plants on the mantle piece to give it a vintage touch.

You could also try and put some old vintage photo frames and put up portraits of loved ones in black and white. Another thing which could really brighten up your mantelpiece is candle art. You can get candles of various shapes and sizes and decorate them accordingly. You can also go for aromatherapy candles to create a fresh feel in the entire room. You could arrange a reed diffuser on top too if you like to complete the décor.

Learn to take care of your wallpapers

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Wall care, wallpapersTraditionally, wall papers are taken care of by getting them covered with wall papers. Generally, the papers will have a base of vinyl. This makes them quite easy to maintain and there are fewer hassles when it comes to taking care of them. In most cases, every detail regarding the instructions for taking care of the wallpapers will be provided in the rolls that wrap the wallpapers when they are bought. Thos wallpapers that are washable could be cleaned quite easily with sponge, soap, water and brush. However, it has to be made sure that the wallpapers are washed at least six weeks after they have been fit to the walls.

It is advised that you use a mild detergent for washing the wallpaper. Strong chemicals like bleach may cause marks on the paper. You have to be gentle when you are cleaning the material. Dry cleaning is what you should go for when you are dealing with wallpapers that are not washable.