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The disadvantage of having a damp basement

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Disadvantage of having a damp basement, basement maintenanceYour house may look stunning from outside but the people would never know what the condition is like inside. Many houses have been found to have damp basements which are quite a nuisance for any house owner. One of the major disadvantages of a damp basement is that if there is water in the backfilled earth and if that earth is loose it is guaranteed that your basement will be subject to dampness some day or the other. So get rid of that watery earth that lies around your house’s basement.

Another point that you must know is that humid air is the main reason for the growth of molds which in turn makes way for a damp basement because molds grow in places where they find a bit of dampness. Thirdly if there is anything leaking in your basement then it is sure that the belongings that you have in the underground will get wet or will have a chance to get flooded by the dampness sooner or later.

Cavity insulation problems

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Install Cavity insulation,Cavity insulationThere are policies reported by the government so that the installation of cavity insulation is accelerated. However, there are some problems associated with cavity wall insulation. Cavity is used for preventing the rain water from entering the house through its walls. It is considered by many that the brickwork of the house may be damaged by the installation of the cavity.

The cavity insulation is done by drilling and so the parts of the corners of bricks may be removed by the heavy drilling. There might be some problems regarding the ventilation of your house when cavity insulation is done. The natural air flow of the house may be cut down by the cavity insulation in the house. The wrong insulation can be very harmful for the walls of your house. Therefore, it is important that the right cavity insulation is chosen and the installation should have a warrantee period attached with it.

Bathe in your designer bathroom suits

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Bathroom decor ideas, bathroom suitsA house needs the impeccable appliances and objects to make it look stunning and beautiful. Every part of the house needs exceptionally well decorated articles. One of the spaces where you should look into which is very often neglected is the bathroom. However spare a thought on designing a bathroom as it is what makes a guest remember you and your home. The market is inundated with various designer items that fit well into the bathroom space.

Choosing the apt designer bathroom suites can turn your life to be more comfortable and convenient. One should ensure that the bathroom suit must compliment your lifestyle. One must also remember that he or she is bounded by a certain budget. Now after buying the bathroom fittings one should take the help of a plumber and complete the installation. Be ready for a new and more elegant way of living your life.

Framed vs. frameless shower doors

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Shower doors, bathroom decorContemporary home living has introduced us to a world of creative and useful appliances and home furniture. One of such things is the shower doors. When talking about shower glass doors, we have two options- the framed type and the frameless type. The frameless glass doors give the bathroom or shower a very classy edge nevertheless there are many hazards which can occur if proper care isn’t taken. The sides have to be carefully filed so that shards of glass don’t stick out. Also the support systems have to be extremely sturdy. If you have children in the house, its best to avoid such shower doors.

Framed shower doors are very useful and durable. There are many metal frames to choose from but you can also go for bamboo and wood frames coated with lamination to protect them from water. The safety level is higher with these shower doors.

Importance of lead free paint for kids room

Monday, July 16th, 2012

lead free paint for kids roomIt is extremely tempting to craft a beautiful and decorated nursery for the lovely child of yours. No matter how quick you think your baby might just turn to a lively toddler which will need an extremely different sort of space of the room. With fleeting time, the toddler will become a school student, then a grown up teenager and at last, the young child you have always desire for. Therefore you require the room which has to be designed to evoke and rise along with the growth of your child. There are many ideas and suggestions that can be given to craft an apt room for the child who may grow with along with your child and the prelude step is to select the theme for the child’s room.

The theme plays an imperative role in the crafting of your child’s room, spending time to decide the apt theme for the child’s room, try to try any topic that may grow along with the child for example a room crafted with the sea or jungle theme that can work throughout from the nursery to a room for a teenager. In order to paint your child’s homicide; lead free paints are highly odious and obnoxious.  The water bright coat o paint is the best of all. Colours, textures and patterns are imperative for the kid’s comprehensive development most importantly the tactile and visual development. One may use the boldly pattern style of fabrics and wall papers to wall cover your child’s room, However if already you possess a wall with the neutral background then it may be livened up again with the colorful mobile and the pin boards of very simple drawings. Every time try to use washable paints in order to shield your wall from any kind of stains. Plan to paint your child’s room wall with the murals or try out some faux finishing which may look good, on walls.

Floating staircases: now what are they?

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Floating staircases, stair optionsIf you are looking for a funky home decor then floating staircase is perfect option for you. This is a special type of staircase that adds a bit of fun to your home decor. In some of these stairs there is no support between two steps. In some modern staircases there exists no handrail to provide any support. The floating staircases appear to be hanging freely without any support. But, this is not true as it is just an optical illusion.

Having a floating staircase in your home can be really advantageous. These staircases prove to be real conversation starters. You can add more fun to these staircases by hanging it over a water body. Though these stairs are not made for everyone, if you have elderly persons in your home, having these staircases can be dangerous. It is also not appropriate for any person who is scared of heights. Thus, you can add up more fun to your home decor using floating staircases.

What is residual storm drainage?

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Tips to drain storm water, home improvement tipsIf you are living in a heavy rain and flood prone area then you will have to take some major initiatives to drain the storm water so that your backyard and basement do not get affected by it. In order to keep your basement and yard water free you need to depend upon an underground pipeline system and these are the following steps of settling a pipeline to drain the storm water and its residue.

First of all you have to dig a trench measuring six inches or more than that in the flat surface of your yard and keep on extending that trench line till the back of your house. The trench line should be in horizontal position with your house so that you can place the water pipe perfectly.

Once you are done with digging the trench you should place at least a four inch drain pipe into the hole and this will work as the drainage pipe.