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Improve the look of your kitchen table with simple tips

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Kitchen decor tips, kitchenYour simple and plain kitchen table could be good when it comes to utility but it is hardly of any use when it comes to adding to the décor of your kitchen. You may change the plates, the glasses or even the tablecloth but that would not serve the purpose if the table were plain and boring. You can use the table runners for getting a new look. All you need to do is place a tale over the runner and see how wonderfully it works for the look of your kitchen. If you have a boring table, try to decorate it with nice candles. Nobody will pay much attention to the boring table when there are lovely candles decorated over it. However, if you have invited your guests for a casual gathering, you may not want to go with the candles, as they would be too loud for the occasion.

How to create that cozy spot in your home

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

We all remember the house that we visited that was so warm and comfortable that it didn’t feel that you were in that house for the first time. No matter how comfortable our own house is to us, we always want to provide out guests and visitors the same feeling of comfort, they should feel welcome from the moment they step in.

In order to create a cozy spot in your house, choose the corner of the house that you think can be the coziest. After the spot has been chosen, curtains can be added in earthy colors. The side of the wall near the cozy spot can be painted a different color as well. Colors play a very important part, avoid bright colors as they excite the sense other then calming them. Rugs of different sizes can be thrown around along with a bunch of colorful cushions for that laid back comfortable feel.

How to do up a narrow apartment

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

narrow apartment, narrow apartment decorAre you living in a small box and are ashamed to invite your friends to hang out in your small apartment? There are many ways through which you can give your small apartment a great new look with some very easy tips and tricks. First of all pick up all the trash and clean your apartment really well. Take out all the things which you don’t need and are unnecessarily piled up in your apartment. This will make your apartment look clean and clutter free.

You can easily separate the sleeping area with a glass slide door which will take much less place and along with it can paint your wall in light colors so that the apartment looks big and airy. Make sure you have light shade window curtains so that the sun light comes in and makes your home looks bright and spacious. Purchase folded furniture that will save up some space such as sofa cum bed or folding table and chairs.

Glam up your bathroom with elegant accessories

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

bathroom with elegant accessoriesBathroom is one place where the true creativity aspect of the owner is reflected. A bathroom remodel ideas seems to enhance the beauty of the home you own. A few attractive colour changes, eye-catching fittings, stylish accessories can change the whole face-off of your bathroom bringing in glamour. Don’t believe it? Try it out. The results would be unbelievable too, so before you get into deep thoughts check these out, hope you find something to match your taste.


  • Think about the sink and the countertop. A white Porcelain sink with a matching granite top won’t let you turn your face from it. Don’t miss the luxurious hot bath tub, a place to relax, after a hard day.
  • Go for some good floor and wall tiles combination, you always have a range of stunning and vibrant colours to choose from. Fixtures are something that adds something to finish up. Elegant taps and shower fittings and add on. Some attractive shapes and designs are always available.
  • Light fittings are something that cannot be missed. You have range of designs to select from. Don’t make the place too bright or dull.
  • Last to add holders, soap dispensers, towels. Small plants can be kept at the window. Good translucent glass can be used. Air fresheners to be kept handy.


So make a list and remodelling is easy.

Space inspired décor tips for your home

Friday, April 13th, 2012

home decor, decor tipsThe outer space has such a vast expanse that one cannot seek to hold it in a box. Such is the vastness of human mind and creativity. One cannot possibly express all the emotions and thoughts that they feel within seconds. To give your house a taste of this limitless vastness of the space, here are some decorating tips:

  • Get the painter to paint the walls and ceilings to resemble outer space in shades of light and dark blue.
  • Use glow stickers of moon and stars on the ceiling, especially in your kid’s room. When the light goes off, they will emanate the glow of a starry sky.
  • Use rocket shaped floor mats and mats with stars and spaceships drawn on it.
  • Star rocket window valances and similarly inspired bedspreads are great ideas to bring a cute and cool feel to the bedrooms.
  • Earth shaped hug pillows make wonderful things of interest to kids and even teenagers.

Turn your attic into a majestic study

Monday, April 9th, 2012

majestic study, atticA study is a place where you could cut yourself out from the rest of the world. It is a place where you would find solace in your solitude and immerse yourself in your literature, poetry or your paperwork. It is a place where you can concentrate and be on your own. If you do not have a separate room meant for a study in your house, the best place you could make a study out of is your attic. The attic is a place located at the top of the house without any other rooms beside it and is completely detached from the noise and business of the rest of the house.

Therefore, clean up your attic and deck up the place with nice wooden shelves for your precious books. Buy yourself a nice writing desk and a comfortable chair where you could sit and read or get creative if you that kind of a person. Make sure there is enough light in your table but do not illuminate the room very much as it usually distracts a person.

Antler lighting for your bedroom

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

bedroom lighting, home lighting Antler lamps can give your bedroom a feel that set you apart from the rest. if you are one of those people who have a liking for things that are rusty, these lamps could be the perfect choice for you. You can give your bedroom a very sophisticated country appeal with a rusty edge at the same time. These lamps have a natural look that works wonders for any kind of rooms. The vast range of lamps and chandeliers will surely attract you, as the designs are quite unique and authentic.

The designs of these lamps match the western look of the rooms very well. The natural looking lamps and light fittings give a very artistic approach to the room that speaks highly of the taste of the owner of the room. Therefore, if you want a bedroom that would give a European countryside vibe to you and your guest then you must go for Antler lamps for your bedroom.


Bathtub resurfacing tips for you

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

bathtub resurfacing, Home improvement Bathtub resurfacing is a much convenient way rather than changing your existing bathtub for a new one. resurfacing or in other word refinishing your old bathtub can give your old bathtub a new look and feel making it more shiny and elegant and save you a huge amount of money which you would have spend buying a new bathtub. Resurfacing or refinishing process is different with different types of bathtubs, for example, for ceramic bathtub the process of resurfacing is different than resurfacing an iron cast or a fiber glass bathtub.

The most common and cost effective method of bathtub resurfacing is using a sand paper and polishing the bathtub surface then applying a fresh new coat of paint. This you can do it yourself or can hire professional help. But before doing anything make sure that you have cleaned the bathtub thoroughly then started the process of resurfacing. All the oil, dirt and resins must be cleared before you apply sandpaper on the bathtub.