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Best bedroom paint options for you

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Paints are probably the quickest and the most cost effective way of giving your bedroom that required makeover. The right colors can make your bedroom look just like the way you want to. If you have been thinking of getting a painting job done than here are a few tips that you can use-

1)      Always go for white for the ceiling. This gives a virtual height to your bedroom and makes it look larger than it really is.

2)      If you are looking for a fresh feel then go for light colors for the walls. Colors like lemon yellow, baby pink, different shades of light blue and soft purple are the best. They too make the room appear larger than it is.

3)      However if you want to go for the more glamorous and dark looks then the best thing would be to paint one of the walls really dark with colors like red, vintage green etc and color the rest of the three walls with colors that compliment the darker one.

Tips to install glass floor tiles

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Glass tiles give a very classy and elegant look to the floors. So, if you were thinking of doing something different to your floors, glass tiles can be the best bet for you. Here are some tips that will help you to install glass tiles. First, you will have to measure the area of your floor. This will give you an idea of how many glass tiles you will need; it will also give you an idea about the area that you need to work on.

Secondly the glass tiles will have to be measured and cut. For cutting small glass tiles you can use a tile cutter and for bigger tiles you can use wet saw. Thirdly, you will have to apply mortar on the floor and on the back of the glass tiles. You will have to then place the tiles on the floors with spacers in between. Let the tiles dry overnight.

Master the home staging design with simple guidelines

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

People quite make a mistake about thinking that home staging and interior designing is both the same things. There are few expert tips and guidelines which will help you in designing your home stage just the way to like it without much difficulty. Home staging is all about designing your home in such a way that they do not reflect your status and reputation but makes your home looks spacious and gives it a worldwide appeal. The first and foremost tip which you will be needing the most is that if you lack money to purchase a whole new cabinet sets then shift the cabinets, clean them totally and keep it aside, now clean the places and floors where they were kept before and paint the entire room. Now clean the cabinets with any solution for making it fresh n dry and not greasy. Then apply sandpapers and after that a little varnish will do all the trick.

All About Tablescapes

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

There are a lot of options for home decor these days and choosing from these vast choices can be a hectic job at times. However, there is a way to avoid all that stress while decorating a home. One can use tablescaping to create a new look and feel in the home decor. It is a new term for a more elegant table setting. It not only involves the centrepiece but also the accessories like plates and other dishes that are a part of the table setting.

It must be kept in mind that tablescaping is not only about the dining space; it can also be applied to other tables of the house like coffee tables, night stands and side tables. The easiest way to create an effective tablescape is to go for a theme. The themes are the common ones like holidays, birthdays, floral and animal themes. Even small potted cacti on the side table can help in getting a rustic look.

Wooden venetian blinds: a fantastic styling option for your home

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Venetian wooden blinds are considered as one of the best window treatments. So, in case, you have just moved into a new place or planning for an interior renovation, you can choose to these lightweight wooden blinds as a better alternative for your heavy curtains. It’s timeless and classy and would readily complement the indoor living without much expense.

These wooden blinds are composed of horizontal slats attached one on the other and suspended by cords or cloth strips. These slats are movable up and down and this is how these blinds control the wind, light and heat entering through windows.
The very wooden construction would always bring an enriched look to your room, just like the other wooden accessories you have. Besides, it’s nice to state that these wooden blinds are pretty customizable. You would be getting them in different size, color and style specifications to match up with your particular interior décor. Apart from the simple wood finish, these blinds are found in various other finishes that can work great to complement any texture, theme or palette of home design.

Lighting options to make your living room more welcoming

Monday, February 6th, 2012

A living room is the place to hang out with the entire family, sit and relax – this makes the lighting feature even more vital. Whatever the interior of the room maybe, it only comes to life if the lighting is sufficient and efficient. A center light bulb – chandelier – can be the best option for the living room as it gives enough brightness and adds to the aesthetic value.

Another option is the track lighting that follows a unique pattern throughout the ceiling that spreads the light equally and looks beautiful at the same time. Coming down from the ceiling, you can place table lamps or floor lamps where you think the light is most needed. This gives you the option to maneuver the lights whenever you want to. The bar lighting or the fireplace lighting are other cool options if the budget is not under scrutiny.

A note on wet room tiles

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The latest fad in bathroom design is having wet room tiles. Wet room is basically a completely water proof bathroom. Thus one can use a wet room as a room size shower area. Irrespective of how much water is spilt or how much water is thrown around, the surrounding walls of a wet room will not dampen. Though it has always been considered a specialist’s job, these days with the advent of new water proofing materials one can now create a wet room on one’s own.

First one should finalise where the shower area will be. Then one can go on to choose a top deck former that is right for that house. Next one should ensure that the flooring underneath is adequate and can support the top deck. One should be aware of the locations of wires and cables before installing the top deck. Then finally one should install the new drainage system for the top deck.