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Protect your roof from falling leaves

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Falling leaves on your roof can create a mayhem in your life if not looked after carefully. Falling leaves can get stuck in the gutters on your roof and stop water from running down. Leaves may rot and the gutters would stop working. You can protect your roof gutters by using a leaf and rot guard. These can be installed easily and they guard the gutters against leaves and debris.

You can even protect it by cleaning the gutters regularly. It is better to wait for the fall, and then clean it to save regular harassment of cleaning. Another intelligent option is to chop off parts of the tree that hang on the top of your roof. This way the source of a major problem can be dealt with. Though this would risk the attractiveness of your home, but falling leaves are more troublesome. This way you can protect your home from falling leaves.

Best home improvement myths

Monday, August 16th, 2010

There are some common beliefs prevailing about home improvements. These myths are busted here, to know more about home improvement myths, read on:

Do-It-Yourself: A professional contractor would do a far better job than you can while remodeling your home. Though this idea can save you big bucks, but if you do it wrong then you will have to pay more than needed.

Follow design trends blindly: This is very dangerous as trends keep on changing. One should opt for something that is here to stay and has a timeless appeal in every sense.

Remodeling of any kind is good: This is simply a myth coz what seems right for you might not be for another. When you remodel, always keep its selling factor in mind.

Pools are always great to have: This may not be a good idea as climates play a great role here.

These were some of the best home improvement myths.

What are the worst renovation mistakes?

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Renovation is a huge task but can be effectively managed if you really want it to be a success. Some of the worst renovation mistakes are:

Absence of a proper plan: Often with a lack of a plan your work can go haywire. With a plan you can work on every detail and inspect their completion in a focused manner.

Lack of communication: If you don’t communicate what you want from the whole set up, then your contractors would be in the dark and that would leave you in a mess.

Overflow of budget: This happens when you don’t keep a track of your expenditure everyday while renovating your home. A proper budget plan makes you aware about your expenses.

Lack of emergency plans: If there is an unforeseen event, your whole renovation can come to a standstill if you don’t have an alternate plan for materials or labour in hand.

These points can help you towards a successful renovation.

How to make your home look good in neighborhood?

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Everyone wants to make his or her home look good in the neighborhood. So what are the things you should consider to make your home an object of neighbor’s envy? Read on:

• Spice up its exteriors with vibrant paint, in accordance with your lawn area.
• Trim the shrubs and transform your lawn into an organized and neat area. Blossoms add color to your lawn and beautify it considerably.

• Repair your driveway and clear it of wild flowers and trash.
• Also check out the gutters whether they are free of rubbish or not.
• Another aspect of the exterior of your home that attracts attention is the window. Have them cleaned and make sure the window screens are clean too. Repair if they have developed cracks or wrecks.
• Paint your deck anew and spray off dirt that might have accumulated.

A lot needs to be done indoor as well. Have it de-cluttered, painted and cleaned thoroughly to get the desired look.

Choosing accents for your dream home

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Designing your dream home? Choose accents from a wide range that is available in the market. It gives a different edge to your interior as well as exteriors. For the interiors, you can select from a line of mantelshelf or fireplace mantel. You can even custom make them or simply choose from the displayed designs. These accessories accentuate your dream home. You can even install electric venting skylights, fixed skylights, manual skylights or curb-mounted-skylights. There are also shades and blinds that control the light created by these skylights.

For the exteriors of your dream home, you may set your eyes on maintenance free vinyl products like louvered shutters, board-n-batten shutters, composite shutters or paneled shutters. Gable vents and window headers can surprise you with the number of options they are available in, including latest color and designs. Besides, other accents like mounting blocks for doorbells, lighting fixtures, mail boxes, door surrounds etc are also common items.

Do-it-yourself hardwood floors

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Redoing huge hardwood floors can be bothersome. For sanding, you can rent or buy a small orbital sander. Everything required for DIY hardwood floors are available at your nearest local store.

First, use a commercial wax stripper to remove the wax and wipe it with lacquer thinner or acetone. Next step is to remove any nail from the wood. Don’t forget to fill those nail holes with wood filer till it dries up. Now, you can start sanding and after completion, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Then add polyurethane in three coats, but let it dry between each coat and don’t forget to sand it with grit paper. You can even use a mix of mineral spirits and linseed oil for an old fashioned finish. Next, wax the floors with paste wax or beeswax and your task is complete. This might sound easy, but it is a laborious task, so be patient and get ready for some real hard work.

Energy saver tips for home

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Saving energy is one of our primary concerns. Here are some tips that can help you save energy at your home and do your bit for the universe:
• Often appliances, though turned off, actually do not stop consuming energy! So whenever possible unplug those appliance and also install lights that consume less energy.

• Always make sure that power management options have been activated in your PCs. Better to go for laptops as they consume lesser energy.
• Heat your home naturally during winter months, using the heat from the Sun from the southern corner. During evenings, close windows to retain this heat. Do just the opposite during summers in order to stay cool indoors. This is a natural way for heating and cooling.
• Use hot water prudently, try lowering the thermostat of your water heater to 120 degree F and make sure it is insulated properly.
These small but effective tips can help you save on those piling electricity bills as well.

How to measure for carpet?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Before measuring for carpet you must consider a few things:
• Make a layout of your entire house including rooms, hallways, staircases etc in order to get a rough idea.
• Start measuring the rooms and mark them on the paper accordingly. Do not miss out the doorframes.

• Measure the stairs and while doing so, they are straight, then measuring the width would suffice. Count the stairs and calculate an extra inch if it is an open staircase.
• Now, decide on the type of your carpet, whether it should be plain, ribbed or patterned. Better to have plain carpets, as they are more flexible.
• Also plan the joins that you may need, how much carpet you need for that. Finally add 3 more inches for cutting in.

You may follow these guidelines to measure carpet area of your home and install them yourself. It might be difficult initially but then taking care of every detail would benefit you immensely.

How to mortar re-point?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Repointing mortar is basically scraping off the old mortar and replacing it with the new mortar. Firstly, buy a ‘joint raker’ and use it to scrape out the loose mortar that needs a replacement. Also use a wire brush for a cleaner job. Make sure that all the crumbs have been removed effectively. Now, use a spray on the mortar and the bricks using a garden hose. Allow it to soak for some time.

Then use a pointing trowel to press in the new mortar in congruence with the older one. This might be a bit challenging but it is required for a great finish.
But, it is hard work in the long run. So better to set small goals and continue your efforts to finish up the entire wall in some time. It may sound pretty easy, but following this article, it will not be a tiresome job to mortar repoint.